Transparent Grey TPU

TPU Film have simple molecular structure ( including only C.H.O.N ), TPU doesn't pollute the air while burning and incinerating and will be degraded naturally within 3~5 years under the action of humidity and microorganism after being buried in soil, so it is a good substitute of PVC products and a main-stream product for environmental production.

★ Highly elastic, wear-resistant
★ Anti-yellowing, weather-proof, oil-resistant, acid-proof, warping-resistant
★ Anti-fungus, antibiosis, anti-static, recyclable and degradable
★ Safe and durable even in severe environment
★ Environment friendly
★ Good hydrolysis resistance and weather fastness
★ No affected by oil, chlorine, sweat, cosmetic and seawater
★ Smooth surface is advantageous to screen printing
★ No losing elasticity in cold or hot environment
★ Smoothly rounded edge keep your skin from irritation

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